God weeps when people weep

We seek to practically help and empower disadvantaged people and their communities economically, socially, and spiritually

A Fighting Chance Against Breast Cancer

Increasing numbers of women in Papua New Guinea are dying of breast cancer because they are beyond the reach of normal medical services. Teresia Vutnava is battling the disease.


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Why volunteer

Whether you are a student, professional, young or older, we are looking for volunteers who hear the weeping of disadvantaged people in our world and want to make a difference. Get involved and bring your soul alive!



Partner with us

Mustard Seed Global seeks partnerships with organisations or individuals who share our passion to help the poor because our vision is too big to achieve alone. Become a partner today and be a game-changer for our work.



Our Impact


Number of lead cocoa farmers trained to educate their communities about HIV-AIDS. 


Number of patients beyond the reach of normal medical services treated by our mobile clinic since the start of 2018. 


How many people tested positive to HIV and now receive life-changing medical treatment.   

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