Innovate with us

Mustard Seed Global plans to transform the lives of disadvantaged people and their communities through a boldly innovative Social Enterprise Supermarket (SES) concept. 

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The first SES supermarket will have a start-up component for the next supermarket built into its cost structure. In this way the first supermarket triggers a chain reaction of similar supermarkets spanning Papua New Guinea with ripples of impact for the cause of the disadvantaged growing exponentially.  Besides reproducing youth traineeships, women's refuges, a church community, and a hub for community connection and help... all profit from the supermarkets will fuel an increasing stream of development projects to help people in desperate need. 

The target for this appeal enables:

(1) Construction of a physical building to facilitate the first SES on land provided by the East New Britain Provincial Government within the produce market precinct in the township of Kokopo,

(2) Start-up stock,

(3) Salary for a supermarket manager and other staff for the first year of operation, and 

(4) Set-up for the youth traineeship to give disadvantaged young people a chance at a good life.  

We invite you to innovate with us and be part of a life-changing chain reaction! 

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