Our Australian Board of Directors

Oversight for all of our work remains with the Australian Mustard Seed Global board. We do have a board of directors in Papua New Guinea which reports to the Australian board. 

Paul Marshall, CEO/Chairman

Paul is the pastor/spiritual director of Foothills Church in the western suburbs of Sydney, Australia - a church he planted 23 years ago. Paul grew up in Papua New Guinea and has been leading missions teams into PNG and Asia for many years. He is on an adventure of finding and expressing God's love.

Paul McPhee, Director

Paul is an experienced solicitor and a Principal of McPhee Kelshaw Solicitors in Springwood, NSW, Australia. He is committed to Christ and to serving the advance of God's kingdom.

Russ Cooke, Director

Russ is a psychologist and change management consultant. He currently works with NSW Police. Russ is on a journey to find more of God and to serve Christ.


Agostino Gattelari, Director

Agostino is a chaplain with the NSW Rural Fire Service. He operates a supermarket that serves his semi-rural community and brings down-to-earth management expertise to the team. Agostino is a passionate Jesus-follower.                                  


ACNC Accountability

Mustard Seed Global is a registered charity with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC). Mustard Seed Global reports annually to the ACNC and is subject to the governance requirements of the commission. Find us on the ACNC Charity Register 

Child and Adult Protection Policy

Mustard Seed Global (MG) employees and affiliates behave in ways that protect children and adult beneficiaries, prevent sexual exploitation and abuse, and prevent any other intentional or unintentional harm to the people MG serves or works amongst. 

View our child and adult protection policy