Peter Nangu's story 

Peter Nangu is living with HIV-AIDS. He stopped taking his HIV drugs because of the stigma surrounding the disease and discrimination from members of his own family. 

Feeling unloved and unwanted Peter seriously thought  about suicide.

The Mustard Seed Global mobile HIV-AIDS clinic staff found Peter on his death bed. Our nurses provided counselling, got Peter back onto his anti-retroviral medication and worked with his diet to ensure he was receiving good nutrition.  

Peter said, "the loving support and care from the mobile clinic staff gave me hope - they helped me see light at the end of a dark tunnel...I am now living positively with HIV."

The clinic staff also involved Peter in our partnership program with the World Bank which supported Peter with 200 cocoa seedlings. He said, "I planted my cocoa seedlings two years ago and I am about to start harvesting".


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