Teresia Vutnava's story

Teresia Vutnava is 75 years old and battling breast cancer. She lives in a village now receiving routine monthly visits from Mustard Seed Global's mobile HIV-AIDS clinic. 

She said tearfully,  "Two to three women die every year in my village from breast cancer. With no understanding about cancer and no medical checks women have kept dying but the cause has been a mystery and everyone has been very afraid." Those who know they have breast cancer resort to repentance and taking herbs because there has been no medical help.

Teresia has beaten the odds but most women with breast cancer have no hope and can only wait for death. The major hospitals have no screening equipment for cancer and many patients die before receiving their results because the diagnostic tests are done overseas. 

"The services Mustard Seed Global is providing should have started a long time ago when I was 15!"  

Mustard Seed Global's simple education and breast lump checks are giving vulnerable women in remote villages a fighting chance at survival.

Mustard Seed Global plans to build refuges for women subject to domestic violence into social enterprise supermarkets in PNG.  

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