Partnering with us can help you engage your staff and consumers and deliver on corporate social responsibility. It can also help you increase tax savings and boost your business’ visibility and integrity. You will join forces with an innovative young development organisation punching far above its weight to get in on the action from the ground floor. Not least you will be a part of saving lives and transforming communities where those most in need live.   

60% of Australians think more of companies supporting worthy causes. 

Why support mustard seed global? 

1. We are making a significant impact 

Peter Nangu and many others say Mustard Seed Global's HIV-Aids clinic saved their lives. Read their stories.  Thousands in desperate need are impacted and we have the facts and figures to show it. 

Facts and Figures About Our Impact

2. We impressed the World Bank   

The World Bank, working with the Cocoa Board of PNG, has been impressed with our work and invited us to be a partner delivering HIV-aids and nutritional programs as part of their work with the Cocoa Board. 

Read the World Bank Endorsement

The government and other stakeholders in PNG recognise Mustard Seed Global as an innovative, effective organisation that is leading the way in terms of tangible help for their people.   

3. We have achieved a lot with little  

Our significant impact so far has been achieved with just one mobile HIV-Aids clinic and team. We developed partnerships to help us, for example with the provision of nurses and fuel, but these have not delivered well given the lack of funds in PNG. 

Our efficient structure helps us use donations efficiently. 

4. We are well-positioned to do much more  

If we launched 10 new HIV-Aids clinics in PNG desperate need would cry out for more! We need more mobile clinics and our experience and results makes this a good opportunity for any business wanting to be socially responsible.

Our exciting new Social Enterprise Supermarket project offers corporate sponsorship opportunities that will shape communities - perhaps a nation.


Read about our supermarkets

5. We are a charity registered with the ACNC as a PBI    

Our registration with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission makes us accountable under the governance and annual reporting requirements of the commission. 

As a Public Benevolent Institution (PBI) Australian donations to Mustard Seed Global are tax deductible. 

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