Weeping When People Weep - Love  

God’s great love for us and for the world is our motivation, and defines the way we relate to all people. We care what happens to people because God does. 

Assistance on the Basis of Need  

Our efforts are directed toward relieving distress and poverty among those most in need without discrimination based on religion, race, gender, socioeconomic status, or political orientation.    

The Kingdom of God 

We believe that God is restoring the world through Jesus Christ. We join him in his work and provide hands-on opportunities for others to do so too. 

Development not Welfare

We seek sustainable solutions to poverty and marginalisation rather than just giving hand-outs.

Long-term Relationships 

Our projects operate in partnership with organisations and indigenous leaders in our target countries with whom we have developed long-term relationships because it means: (1) Greater effectiveness through local insight, (2) Efficient use of money and other resources through the use of existing infrastructure on the ground, (3) Greater financial and operational accountability.


We seek partnerships with organisations which share our passion to make a difference in the lives of people who weep because we realise we can't achieve our vision alone.