Our foundations were established through the consistent short-term missionary work of Foothills Church based in Sydney, Australia.

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From 1998 teams were sent mainly to Papua New Guinea (PNG), Indonesia and Thailand-Burma. These teams helped local churches to focus on God’s kingdom through leadership training and modelling kingdom life through small-scale practical projects to help the poor.

Some of our work included:

  • Mobilising local leaders to help distribute food to slums
  • Visiting HIV-AIDS patients in hospitals to provide essential items such as soap and to massage their feet
  • Educating village people in PNG about HIV-AIDS using our effective A4 flip-chart presenter translated into Pidgin.

We even trained relief teams to swim in Burma! 

As we taught about God's kingdom and love we realised God was weeping because people were weeping. 

We were stirred at this point to launch larger projects to broaden the scope and impact of our work to bring God's love and practical help to the poor. Mustard seed Global was formed to facilitate that vision. 

Papua New Guinea First 

With long term relationships and most of our experience in PNG a strategic decision was made to make that country our overseas focus initially. 

We also decided to focus our efforts on one key project as a platform for others. On April 13th, 2016 our first mobile HIV-AIDS clinic, a purpose-fitted Toyota Land Cruiser 78 Troop Carrier, was launched to serve poor rural communities near Rabaul in East New Britain Province. This project has opened doors with the PNG government and won us a partnership involving The World Bank. On the back of this we are now planning our first Social Enterprise Supermarket in PNG.                                                                                                             

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