Stanley Eremas' Story   

Stanley Eremas is a Papua New Guinean living with HIV-AIDS. When Mustard Seed Global's mobile clinic arrived in his village he found the courage to tell people he was living with the disease and joined our work educating rural cocoa farming communities. 

Rural agricultural centres are high risk pathways for HIV-AIDS as people transmigrate in search of work, and the disease is seen as a major threat to any gains made through increased farming productivity.  

From the start of 2018 to mid-2019 Mustard Seed Global's mobile HIV-AIDS clinic has trained 750 lead farmers to educate their families and workers about HIV-AIDS. Over 7,000 people in these communities have received testing and/or treatment for the disease as well as other medical care. Stanley tells his story to help others understand. 

55 people living with HIV-AIDS are beneficiaries of cocoa seedlings through our World Bank partnership. 

In the poor cocoa-growing communities where the Mustard Seed Global mobile HIV-AIDS clinic provides medical and nutritional help, farmers receive cocoa seedlings and agricultural help to boost their earnings. This includes 55 people living with HIV-AIDS. 

Stanley Eremas is passionate about protecting others from HIV-AIDS because he has seen so many lives wasted unnecessarily. By telling his story Stanley is saving lives in these poor cocoa farming communities that are starting to see good harvests of cocoa! 


Join Stanley and save lives

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