Be a hidden hero    

Mustard Seed Global is seeking volunteers who are qualified or have the skills to do the nuts and bolts functions that make our work possible with those in need. We see people who do this work behind the scenes in the engine room as heroes because without them we couldn't function. 

We would love to hear from you if any of the following lights your fire and you would love to volunteer to help: 

Website Management 

Do you have the skills to keep our website fresh and current? This would involve adding project updates, new stories, news and events and adding to the structure of the website as our work grows.  

Social Media 

This is an opportunity to make a big impact on our work by being part of a team to help develop and manage our social media presence. 

Financial Accountability and Reporting

We are looking for volunteers with accounting qualifications to help develop our accounting systems to keep pace with our growth and to ensure on-going financial integrity. 

Organising Fundraising Events

If you have creative ideas and organisational ability we are looking for a volunteer to organise fundraising events. 

Apply to volunteer