Make Medical Treatment Accessible to the Poor  

Mustard seed Global is seeking qualified medical doctors and nurses to volunteer to help boost our capacity to treat people in poor rural villages in Papua New Guinea for two weeks in August 2020.

Qualified nurses and doctors are invited to participate in two ways:

(1) Join the mobile HIV-Aids clinic team to provide HIV education, testing and treatment, obstetric clinics, and other general medical services. This team will also provide an extensive breast cancer education and screening program. Medical professionals with experience may also be tasked with providing a hands-on training experience to increase the skills of our PNG nurses.  

(2) Form a surgical team to provide surgical treatments for common surgical conditions (trauma, obstetric) and cataracts. Surgical procedures will take place in the operating theaters of a local partner hospital. Mustard Seed Global is pursuing the development of a mobile surgical unit to facilitate surgical procedures for common conditions onsite in remote villages. 

Mustard Seed Global HIV AIDS Clinic

Medical Permits 

Mustard Seed Global will arrange medical permits for participating doctors and nurses with the Papua New Guinea Department of Health. 

R&R and Tourism

There will be opportunity to participate in local culture, attend local churches, and be a tourist for a while. Day retreats to Watom Island will be built into the itinerary to provide R&R. 


Estimated cost for two weeks: $2,000-2,700 (inclusive of airfare, accommodation and food).  

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