Martina Martin's Story

Martina Martin is in her late 20s and went into labour to give birth to her 8th child. She lost the baby in a situation that could have been avoided. 

Martina lives in a remote area and when there were complications with the birth the Mustard Seed Global mobile HIV-Aids clinic was called to the scene and made an emergency run to the nearest health centre. Road conditions were bad and this extended the journey. Martina did not have the strength to push and her baby died because of the prolonged labour. If not for the clinic Martina would also have died. 

5 women die every day during childbirth in Papua New Guinea. 

Poor family planning meant Martina's body did not have time before each successive baby to gain the strength needed for the next birth. 

Mustard Seed Global has supported Martina and her husband, providing family planning education and contraceptives. The clinic also provides community midwifery training and safe motherhood education to address the high birth-related mortality rate in the remote areas it serves. 

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