Rumble in the jungle - August 2020

Mustard Seed Global will send three teams to Papua New Guinea in August 2020 - a MEDICAL Team, MINISTRY Team, and BUILDING Team. This rumble in the jungle promises to be life-changing!    

Medical Team 

A team of doctors and nurses will provide surgical and other medical treatment to poor rural villages for two weeks in August 2020.

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Ministry Team

Mustard Seed Global ministry teams are for followers of Jesus who want to focus on kingdom ministry.  This team will also go to PNG in August 2020 for two weeks with the following purposes: 

(1) Provide spiritual support pre-op and post-op for patients treated by the Medical Team. 

(2) Participate in a seminar to train church pastors and leaders in kingdom engagement.   

(3) Minister/preach at local churches.

(4) Provide prayer support for all teams. 

(5) Help establish micro-enterprises in poor villages.   

Building Team

The building team has specific tasks related to the construction/renovation of a building for Mustard Seed Global's first Social Enterprise Supermarket. 

Read about the supermarket project 

Mustard Seed Global seeks volunteers with qualifications and experience in any of the building trades and also enthusiastic labourers. Timing for this team is most likely August 2020 but is contingent on factors with the acquisition of land from the Provincial Government.   

R&R and Tourism

All teams will have opportunity to participate in local culture, attend local churches, and be a tourist for a while. Day retreats to Watom Island will be built into the itinerary for all teams to provide R&R. 


Estimated cost for two weeks: $2,000-2,700 (inclusive of airfare, accommodation and food).  

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