Innovate with us

Mustard Seed Global plans to transform the lives of disadvantaged people and their communities through bold innovation. And we invite you to innovate with us and change our world.  

Our innovation will be applied to establishing Social Enterprise Supermarkets (SES) to help disadvantaged people in an on-going and  sustainable way. An SES is planned for all major centres in Papua New Guinea (PNG). 

The SES Concept 

Each supermarket will be managed by top-rate managers with PNG retail experience. This ensures financial viability and a platform for innovation. We will innovate in many ways including healthy, affordable fast food using fresh local ingredients, but our main areas of innovation are:  

Pay all profit forward >>

In a nation plagued by corruption Mustard Seed Global's SES will direct all profit to projects helping disadvantaged people - medical equipment for a hospital, clean water systems, help for victims of a natural disaster, a school tutoring centre, starting capital for micro-enterprises, or agricultural equipment to boost the earnings of a poor village. This demonstrates the generous love of Jesus  as a voice against the injustice of corrupt practices hurting people in PNG.  

The marketing strength of our SES concept is that shopping at our supermarket is a direct investment in the shopper's community. 

Let people share the place    

Each SES is designed with space for a "community hub" where people can connect, express their views, children  from local schools can perform, along with local choirs, musicians and dancers.   

This space will also facilitate in-store community empowering programs including: workshops on micro-enterprise start-ups, midwifery classes for nursing mothers, HIV-AIDS education, sewing classes and so on.

Those most in need will be served free meals each month, and women fleeing from domestic violence (2/3 of women in PNG suffer this way) will be welcomed into a safe refuge.   

Work from the bottom 

Those who make it to the top can help struggling nations find a better future, but when so many are on the bottom it also makes sense to work from the bottom. Most young people in PNG find themselves on the bottom because they drop out of school early because they can't afford the fees or don't receive one of the limited places in a higher grade.

Without paid employment good young people experience boredom, hunger, frustration, hopelessness, and low self-esteem. They become high risk for HIV, drugs and crime. 

Read about our mobile clinic work at Kerevat Prison

Carefully selected young people from the "bottom" will be offered a paid traineeship to work at the supermarket, develop skills, and restore their hope and joy. Most come from Christian backgrounds and will participate in a Christian community to help them grow personally and spiritually.  

Several training and employment pathways are available for the trainees after their time at the SES as shown on the map above. The micro-enterprise pathway involves a buy-back scheme. For example if a trainee establishes a fish farming micro-enterprise the SES with buy back the fish for sale in the supermarket. 

"We thought of supermarkets but the heart of your idea allows you to innovate in ways that will truly help our people."

Levi Mano, Deputy Advisor to the Governor, East New Britain Provincial Government

SES #1 On the Move 

The East New Britain Provincial Government has formally committed prime land in four major centres for our supermarkets. The first SES will be located within the town market precinct in the provincial capital, Kokopo near Rabaul. 

This has developed a unique partnership with the Kokopo Market Authority focused on empowering local people. 

Help us build the first supermarket and be part of starting something BIG.   


Volunteer for a building  team trip or other roles