Light In the darkness    

The Cranebrook public housing estate in Sydney's western suburbs is an unhappy place for many. This is because of the influence of drugs, alcohol, very low employment, a high school drop out rate, and violence.

Many children end up separated from their parents in foster homes, are subject to abuse and struggle at school. 

One mum said, “My kids went to foster care 8 months ago. I don't know why. I don't know where they are. I haven't seen them, and its really hard.” 

Young people are bored, at risk of destructive behaviours, many will spend time in jail without help, and they live without the hope of anything better. 

For 15 years a Friday night BBQ/soup kitchen has operated on the street in Cranebrook, building extensive relational equity in this needy community. 

Mustard Seed Global now plans to utilise this equity to develop a Lighthouse on the street where people who are lost, isolated by COVID-19, broken and afraid can find help and hope. Jesus came to be a Light in the darkness and the Lighthouse will shine light by meeting the practical, emotional, and spiritual needs of the wonderful people in this community.   


Launches July 2020 

Mustard Seed Global's Lighthouse will operate every Friday night to provide: 

  • Hot meals. 
  • A street cafe facilitating a bridging traineeship for disadvantaged young men and women. Work experience in the cafe will open up opportunties for vocational (TAFE)  training and apprenticeships in a range of different industries through our partnership with group training companies.  
  • Direct pathways to drug and alcohol rehabilitation via a partnership with the Salvation Army. 
  • A kid's club. 
  • A Christian community for spiritual encouragement and counselling.
  • A community connection point.
  • Access to a fruit and vegetable co-op to encourage healthy eating.

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